(README: Levels are randomly created. If you get stuck in an impossible level, press 'R' or L1/ LB to regenerate the level.)

(You can play in the browser, but downloaded version is recommended (better graphics, etc.)). Apart from that, they're identical.

Welcome to Rewind!

A fast-paced action shoot'em-up, where you control time against your enemies and bosses, using the available power-ups in the scenario in your favor.

   - 1.Shooting rewind enemies in time, and freezes time for your bullets. Try to hold the shooting button and release CHAOS!

   - 2.Enemies MULTIPLY when you shoot, can you defeat the boss BEFORE enemies rise to critical level?

   - 3.Complete 10 levels to complete the game.

(All info needed inside the game)

PS: A controller is highly recommended. Connect it BEFORE launching the game, if not, connect it and press L1/LB to reset the scene and it will work.


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My main problem is that if you clickj really fast you can pretty much stop time and your free to do whatever

That's the secret power of a Time Agent ;)



good game

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good game